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Welcome to Enrichment Kits 4 Kids. We provide activities and workshops that promote self-regulation as well as enriching sensory activities to support educators, parents and caregivers co-learning with children aged 3-6 in order to help them reach their full potential!

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Our workshops helps educators, parents and caregivers understand:

  • how to implement our activity kits;

  • gain a deeper sense of child development;

  • self-regulation from a trauma informed perspective;

  • how to implement your own safe place; and

  • using play as a fun way to build relationships.

Consultation services are also available to support the implementation of purposeful play in your home or childcare program.

Knowing how to form positive relationships and meet children at their level is a critical building block to any quality child care program or household. 

This workshop series will begin January 2023.

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No time for prep? Need new ideas?

These activity kits enrich children's play and provide them with a unique collection of sensory items.

Some materials are sourced and handpicked from local consignment shops and thrift stores then thoughtfully curated into one-of-a-kind, open-ended activities children can explore and learn from over and over again. 

The beauty lies in their packaging. All activities come in labelled and uniform containers to allow for easy organization, storage and clean-up!

Custom Orders Available.

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Educators can claim a refundable credit for up to $1,000 in eligible supplies they have purchased, which could then result in up to a $150 refund on their tax return.
All workshops and products are provided with receipts.


All workshops can be added to your CPL portfolio for the College of Early Childhood Educators.


Some unions and programs offer professional development funds. Some offer members up to $400. Simply contact your union or employer and they will provide you with the information you need to get started.

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