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Self-directed learning

Each Activity Kit is unique, providing you with a down to earth, one-of-a-kind collection with a less commercial feel. This means that every handmade kit you purchase is made with a loving touch, giving them a more special meaning. 

These handmade kits not only pay more attention to detail – but are environmentally sustainable as many items are recycled through consignment shops.

When you purchase an Activity Kit, you are not simply buying an activity, but are enriching your program with an organizational system that protects your investment and ensures easy access and storage; thus allowing your planning and activity rotation to be more efficient and time saving.

Each container is the same to keep your storage neat and tidy. They are also labeled by workshop series, skills and activity name to keep your storage categorized. (Ex. Science Fun! Indoor Gardeners: what plants need to grow, number sense and numeration, fine motor, open ended play). This makes planning easier since you could easily access the type activity you need to meet your programming goals.

Some kits can be reproduced, yet may not be identical.

Activity Kits: How It Works


Order a custom activity to support your programs short and long term planning goals. 

Each activity you open will give you that feel good vibe knowing it was made just for you!

Activity Kits: Headliner


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These self-regulation kits provide activities that will develop children's ability to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behaviours and enable them to act in positive ways. Items are developed to add to your safe place for children to engage with while implementing their self-regulation skills. Safe places are also provided in cases where programs do not yet have one.


Here, children increase their self-esteem and self-confidence through the development of independence and personal sense of responsibility. The focused use of motor control and coordination ultimately strengthens their levels of concentration. Children also develop self-control and the development of their will is supported through the movements required to complete certain activities.


These arts and craft activities will instill a sense of achievement and pride in children, boosting their self-confidence. Each activity will provide children with the opportunity to create whatever they desire, thus fostering their creativity. As they explore these items, each child will learn to make correct and effective decisions by facing and solving artistic challenges and expanding their imaginations.



These Activity Kits will support language development by promoting oral language, writing and early reading skills. Activities will engage children in learning letter recognition, sounds of letters, print awareness, reading conventions and more!


Engage your children with these Activity Kits that focus on number sense and numeration skills. While engaging in these fun activities, children will practice counting, number recognition, subitizing and gain an understanding numbers and number relationships. This will develop their confidence to be flexible in their approach to solving problems.


Develop your child's sense of wonder in the natural world with these Activity Kits. Each activity will provide an experience that will stimulate their curiosity in the world around them. Fun science experiment kits make science easy to integrate into your program and are sure to get your kids asking for more and more science!

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The manipulation of playdough strengthens children's hand-eye coordination and strengthens hand dexterity which, in turn, supports the physical development for writing and drawing. The creativity involved builds connections in the child's brain, thus building cognitive skills such as understanding cause and effect as well as problem solving skills.


Small world play is a catalyst for children to explore their own thoughts and feelings; and supports the development of personal, social and emotional skills by giving them the opportunity to act out experiences. The materials engages their inner most imaginations and allows them to create their own playful and detailed worlds.


These Activity Kits will inspire independence in children through active, hands-on experience, investigation, and research. Loose parts kits will give children the freedom to arrange and rearrange parts to create their own rules and designs, allowing them to focus on process rather than product. Fine motor skills will also be reinforced.

Activity Kits: Services


Check back frequently for new treasures.

Kits are sold on a first come first serve basis.

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Activity Kits: Text


We welcome all questions and inquiries.

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Because We Care

At Enrichment Kits 4 Kids, we want to give our customers the best shopping experience. That is why we believe our store policies should be fair, clear, and transparent. Read about them below, and contact us with questions.


Use at your own risk.

There is potential risk for injury with each activity kit. 

Activity kits carry small pieces that children could choke on. Children cannot put any materials purchased by Enrichment Kits 4 Kids in their mouth. 

Some pieces can break and shatter, thus putting children at risk for injury. 

Children using these activity kits must be closely monitored by an adult and must not be left unattended.

Ensure that the kit purchased is appropriate to the program and child’s developmental abilities. 

Enrichment Kits 4 Kids is not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any product or service. You expressly agree that your use of products and services from Enrichment Kits 4 Kids is at your sole risk.


Packages delivered within a 50km radius of Embrun, ON. Delivery fee is $15. 

Packages delivered within a 50km-70km radius of Embrun, ON. Delivery fee is $25.

All packages, including packages outside a 70km radius, can be shipped via mail. Buyers incur applicable shipping costs. 

Packages can also be picked up in Embrun, ON at no cost.

**There must be a minimum order of $50.00 for delivery.


There are no refunds or returns offered on activity kits once delivered, shipped or picked-up.

Activity Kits: Store Policies
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